lance.kuyper to Pebber

I bet you get a lot of these but I wanted to let you know that your lessons really have paid off. I've taken some of your advice to heart. I improvise everyday I use my Logic Pro as backing tracks in a variety of styles and keys and I improvise for 20-30 minutes everyday. I've done this for the last month virtually everyday and it's already paying of huge!!! I can see the whole fret board and am able to mix patterns in just about any key (just pentatonic and blues currently) but I've started working on Jazz patterns and getting the swing feel. Still have a long way to go but if i keep this up for a couple of years it will improve myplaying ten fold. Not to mention it's the most fun part of my practice sessions. Thanks Lance

Daniel Mörk to me

Mar 29 - Hi, Just got to say that all of your lessons on youtube are great stuff. It's inspeiring and very imformative way of conducting teaching for the guitar. Your words carries alot of wisdom and knowledge. The internet trolls that put so fucking stupid comments on your videos don't have a probarly working brain! Wish you the best and have a great day! Danne


Seth Galley to me:

Mar 29- Hey, im 15 my name is Seth Galley, and i would like to learn to play guitar from you.. i know you get these messages a lot.. but i would put my balls into playing the guitar if you would teach me! i love the music! it's in me... it makes me extremely happy! if you could teach me by sending my video lessons starting from a beginner level.. or whatever level you would like to start me at.. just send me a email with the lessons.. your the only person i would want to teach me! i can learn alot from you! plezz consider this. if you want me to pay you i will.. no matter the price! i will pay it! the music is one with me! and id do anything to start learning from you! Thanks for taking the time to read this! hope to be learning and playing the music i love very soon!

From: ruhi gonen

Date: 2010/3/29

Subject: PhD Application To: pebber.brown@verizon.net

Dear Pebber Brown,

I am currently a research assistant at the 100.Yıl University, Van, Turkey. I started my classical guitar studies in 1989 under the guidance of Cem Duruöz in Ankara, Turkey. After that, I took classes from Aktan Odabaşı until 1995 at the Turkish-American Association. Later, I completed my studies at the Musical Theory Department in the Faculty of Music Education at Gazi University, Ankara, Turkey. During this time, I was also studying classical guitar with Kubilayhan Yalçın. During my master’s degree, I specialized in the electric guitar and studied with Dr. Selçuk Bilgin also at Gazi University. Since then, I am training in playing classics, baroque and romantic ages of violin and similar strings with electric guitar. In particular, I am trying to improve myself on the works of Paganini, Bach and Vivaldi.

I have reached a point in my career where I want to continue my pursuit of playing classics with an electric guitar in a more formal graduate training environment. I believe your graduate program offers the kind of education that can help me achieve this goal. Therefore, I sincerely hope that you would consider my application.

Mustafa Ruhi Gönen
Research Assistant
Yüzüncü Yıl University
Department of Music
Zeve Campus Van, Turkey.
Email: mrgonen@gmail.com
Phone: + 90 505 857 88 78


Rob Murtha to me

Mar 26 - Hey Pebber, as I prepare my work for you I have been going through and reading your materials available online, the essay on jazz guitar is really awesome, some of the teachers you have had are truely greats and inspiring. One of my teachers studied with Pat Martino and he taught me the same string combo stuff that you explained, and also some of the octave displacement theory. You also jogged my memory of Ted Greene, I learned alot from his books. I really like Holdsworth too and saw him live in the late 70's and would really like to learn some of his approach, I like the legato sound and the tight harmonies and melodic lines. It's also interesting that I think I have some of the same problems that you describe with the technical approach, my efforts to improve this were the main reason for being so attracted to saxophone and horn players as well as oscar peterson. I really like George Benson too, his early jazz recordings are pretty amazing. Take care - I'm working on my package for you!

AirHendrix91.A Manner of Thanks and a Question About Stage Fright Hey, Just wanted to say thanks for all of the great videos you have posted on YouTube. I've recommended them to many people that I know and everyone who's checked you out has been pleased. I might put up a video demonstrating my technique in July. Anyway, I have a quick question. I took the liberty of joining Jazz Ensemble this semester and geez, it has been the greatest challenge so far.

My guitar professor has helped me out with this by giving me chord shapes you could move across the neck yet in the beginning of this semester, every chord hurt my hand so much. Now, they're basically nothing after so much practice. And I've put off the two songs that I'm doing for Jazz band for a while which basically means I knew most of it but became so intimidated by them that I've focused on other songs using Guitar Pro and sheet music provided by my guitar class.

Anyway, I renewed my interest in the jazz songs since about two rehearsals ago and have been determined since, I'm only a half-line of sheet music to go for one of the songs and I got the first page out of two for the other song. Before I perform any of the two songs, I look on the sheet to see the chord, Db7#9 for instance, and I then make the chord in the air, land it, and slap my hand on my knee. I do this four times for each chord. Its been working so far and I want to thank you for showing me this technique through your memorizing chords video. The only thing I have to overcome is stage fright. I'm going to play in front of 90 people according to the second guitarist in the band. I'm somewhat nervous about it but a pianist friend of mine always said just don't give a shit and show confidence.

The main question is: How do I calm stage fright and what should I do on the day of concert to prepare myself mentally? Otherwise, I'm close to finishing that one song, and the second page features chords that were on the first one anyway and for the second song you only have to play a chord every 2 or four beats at 72 bpm so I can definitely nail it.

Have a good one, Pebber. You're the man.

TunesInRune Hi Pebber. Someone on Ultimate-guitar.com reccommended your trill excercieses to me, so I can train my accuracy, and tame my pinky finger. I can honestly see em working in the future :) just wanted to say that I appreciate your tips. Cheers :)

elasticflux -Thank you Heya, I'm normally a kind of a shy person who's inclined to keep to myself, but I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how grateful I am that you've decided to be so generous with your time and expertise. Judging from my own observation of how the internet works, I'm guessing that you probably have to put up with a lot of ungrateful little shits, but I hope you don't let that get you down. Though I'm still a beginner (and have been for a long ass time), your videos and other teaching materials are seriously the best thing to ever happen to my guitar playing. So thanks! :)

justreleased09 Re: Thanks I think you have excellent teaching methods. I have a great amount of respect to anyone who dedicates their life to something like this.....but it does help to be an excellent player like yourself....haha. Thanks Pebber. I'm Back!!!! Picking!!!! Picking update. Scalpel, sarod, and muted sarod picking. Let me know what ya think, how I can improve, etc. For info check out Pebber Brown. He is an excellent teacher!!!!

Thanks guys!


oilkills Thank You!!! I need to thank you cuz one of the FAKE oilkills accounts was closed today and I wouldn't have been able to do it without your help!!! You've helped me with my technique, shared stories and now, you've helped me acquit a Psycho Stalker Impersonator... Thank You So Much!!! Peace Bro!

andy913 How awesome you are! Pebber my name is Andy Im 17 I been playing for 2 years. I wanted to be a shredder metal guitarist than I started taking lessons from this blues fusion guy Anthony Delleva. After that I started listening to all this new music and I agree with you Allan Holdsworth is an amazing guitarist beyond belief. I stopped taking lessons for a little while since I'm a high school student and moneys tight I found your videos and it made me wanna push the envelope on my playing. Every time i watch your videos I take notes to show my teacher so I can improve as a player. Thank you for these videos without them I dont think I'll be where I am. Keep it up man and thank you.

ujerk91 alternat picking I find it really hard to constitanly alternate every note. So is it ok do ocassionally use two up strokes or down strokes. If alternating every note is a must i will practice it just its getting very diffucult

Thanks michael from ct

cucuta95 Hey , I have a question concerning scales. Can You please Help me? Hey, Pebber i have a question. I've decided to focus a bit more on theory and scales in order to help me with improvisation, and in order to help me musically. well a couple days ago you replied to my comment on you "Chromatic Concepts 3" video and you said the following:

Learn One KEY per month. January is C, February is F, March is Bb, April is Eb, May is Ab, June is Db, July is Gb, Aug is Cb (B), Sept is E, Oct is A, Nov id D, Dec is G. Major, Melodic Minor, Harmonic Minor, Wholetone, Diminished, major and Minor pentatonic and Blues scales.

Alright, now i know what I have to do, but I'm confused, I don't know that much about this. Can you give me a head up and put me in the right direction. Because right now, i think i have to start on the major scale and learn the 5 positions or shapes. So , do i learn the five positions for ever single key?

I printed out your PDF file, with the position for the Major scale, so my question is what do i do?

Thanks in Advance, Thanks a million actually, Ive been playing guitar for 16 ,months, and in the last 3 months that I've discovered your lessons, I have improved drastically, especially the Finger Exercises, and now that i want to take advantage of your scale lessons, I'm a bit stuck, but thanks a lot for everything Pebber! You're the best man!

MinginEngine Hi Mr. Brown Hello Mr.Brown, I just wanted to let you know that i just sent you 10 dollars to help your student on paypal. please let me know if you get it. I also wanted to thank you for the time and money you have spent making these lessons for us. I myself am a big buckethead fan and i was dying to have a teacher like his and now we have that chance with you taking the time to teach us all. i have been playing guitar for 6 years and just recently graudated high school and am look forward to start taking my online college classes from berklee and hopefully in 2 years i will have my masters certificate and will be able to get my musical journey on the way finally. But really i cant thank you enough for these lessons, it helps someone like me who is all the way in north carolina get a great teacher like you for free. If there is anything that you need Mr.Brown please let me know, have a great day sir, Donald Mingin djmingin@aol.com

IWorldLeaderRe: Re: Hi OK, thanks. Your videos are also very educational too and thanks also for putting them up on your own time. Keep up the teaching Pebber !

CochiseCastle Geetar!!! Hi Pebber,i desperately want to learn how to play guitar,but when i watch my favourites they all have huge spider leg fingers and i have little cocktail sausage fingers,is this a problem?My favourite guitar song of all time is siege engine by Buckethead(sorry for mentioning him)and i know the song is a shred-fest but there`s alot to that song and it would be nice to play stuff like that but first i need to know if limp-dick fingers are gonna` be a problem.All the thanks from the Gods of the universe and your friendly Irish neighborhood guitar enthusiast CochiseCastle AKA Jay.

Angelikucha Hi Pebber, this is Angelica, Adam's wife! I really like this video! There is no longer any way to give it five stars, but I give you "Thumb's Up!" By the way, thank you so much for giving lessons to my husband. He is getting super fast and super very, very good! Thanks Pebber!

Jazzyteach65 Comment on your video: Lydian Concept 1 Finally, the legendary teacher explains a legendary concept!!

petepachio Pebber all the vids rule........ I am a pebber-maniac!!!!!!!!!!!!! These exercises are KILLER! Lesson 5.39 – 5.40

drvioletq Comment on your video: How to memorize CHORDS - Part 2 Thank you OH so much. I took lessons, well tried. But I felt so defeated, all my life because I have issues with my fingers and etc and memorizing. I've been told my hands aren't built for it. which is nutty. And your video's helped me a lot. Not walking! Thank you.

KARN1V4L Greetings Hey Pebber, my name is Kresten Kinsler and first off I'd like to thank you for all of the lessons you've put up. Every other day I log on here and find extremely useful lessons... for free! That being said I've taken advantage of this videos and used them to improve my guitar playing. I'm in a band and I would most definatley like to send you some of the mp3's that we've recorded, and maybe you can get an idea of what your videos are capable of doing. I'm not sure what I can do to get these mp3's do you, but i would really like you to hear them.

Sincerely, Kresten Kinsler

petepachio Wow Pebber..I have heard a lot about you..and always thought you were a MYTH..haha..But Ive spent the better part of half the day watching your vids on youtube here.Amazing Playing..Great Teaching skills! AWESOME!! You are a walking encyclopedia of GUITAR!!

Dan O'Nolan Scale relationships Hey Pebber, I'd like to start off by saying thank you very much for the videos, you, sir, are a legend. I've been practicing my scales really hard these past few months (major pent, minor pent, blues pent, aeolian, phrygian, hungarian minor, roumanian minor, harmonic minor, 1st arabic and 2nd arabic, chromatic and melodic minor to be exact) So far, I have worked out the realtionship between the pentatonics. Would i be right in saying that the E phrygian coincides with the A aeolian. Also if you could point out the relationships between the other scales and advise me on some scales I should learn next that would be really helpful. Once again, thank you so much for your help,

yours, Dan O' Nolan.

IPawnNoobs Comment on your video: Solo Basics - Part 1A @pebberbrown Damn I love your brutal Honesty, Your helpful guitar insight, and how you light a fire under anybody's ass that writes stupid comments on almost all of your videos that you post. Despite all the criticism , Questions about Buckethead , and wrong spelling of your name, your still here.....giving Free Lessons. Can someone get this man a medal ? Or better yet.....a beer !

paolodec Comment on your video: Daily Practice - Part 1 really tnx for what your making with your video guides man, you're best teacher found on youtube; so much much thanks for all the time and effort you've put in these videos