Pebber Brown Lesson Syllabus Page

This is the syllabus or course outline for the Pebber Brown Scaletone Form System for Guitar and Bass.
It represents a general comprehensive outline that is followed when teaching any student.

It can take many years to complete this outline, however it can also be learned modularly instead of linear fashion. This course plan is usually supplemented with additional materials such as sightreading studies, songs, repertoire, Jazz standards, fake book tunes, play along jam CDs and other instructional DVDs and method books.  This syllabus is also available on the web in its entirety as a downloadable file in both HTML and .pdf file formats.

As the Open Courseware and Open Source software movement continues to inspire and move our society forward, the goal here is to make each lesson freely available to the public on the web and in downloadable formats created and represented in current PDF document, MP3 audio and H.264 video file formats.


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