PB Guitar Studios offers private lessons on: 

Acoustic Guitar 

So why does one strive to master the guitar? Well, for a great deal of aspiring musicians, the ideal goal is simple:
to write the ultimate song! For others, creating or joining a groundbreaking, revolutionary band would be the
equivalent of heaven on Earth. Most guitarists aim to both, and in order to even attempt such magnificent feats,
one must learn a thing or two about musical communication. An author uses words to share thoughts, make a statement,
tell a story, and get a point across to the reader. Musicians use standard musical notation and tablature (TAB)
to do the exact same thing, and what better way for strummers and shredders to undertake such endeavors than by
diving right in to a Songwriting Workshop! The ways to notate musical notes and chords that are specific to guitar,
and also show players which fingers to use when fretting a note or picking a string, are best shown through TAB,
which is written on 6 (or 7, or 8 - depending on the number of guitar strings) horizontal lines. However,
standard musical notation, written on horizontal lines called "clefs," is a much more visible technique which
allows musicians to decipher the timing, duration, rhythm, even volume of notes for multiple instruments.
Would you like to make an actual living playing guitar? Then you definitely need to become a master of musical
communication. Let pbguitarstudio.com show you the way!

Electric Guitar

Get ready to take your playing to absolutely unimaginable new heights! Beginner to pro, whatever your genre,
these dynamic lessons will be as inspiring as they are challenging. Students will learn countless unique and
time-tested strategies that will take them from jamming in the bedroom to the bright lights of the stage
faster than an Yngwie Malmsteen solo. Lessons begin with a thorough review of the basics; a great foundation
for starters and a perfect refresher for those with experience. Dedicated students will progress into a
thorough exploration of picking techniques, chords, scales, arpeggios and the best systems for applying
these concepts. Dreams of playing smooth fusion licks, sweeping lightning-quick arpeggios and rapid-fire
staccato chicken pickin' are well within your grasp, if you are willing to do the necessary work!

Electric Bass

That's right! Why stop at 4, or 5, when you can get 6 strings on that bass guitar? Everything will be just fine,
because beginners and professional musicians alike will certainly benefit from our one-of-a-kind approach
to the 6 string bass. After a comprehensive review all the fundamental techniques of 6 string bass playing,
students will acquire a thorough understanding and learning of notes on the fretboard, whether it is fretted
or fretless. By studying concepts such as various scaletone systems, bass chord pattern diagrams for all
important bass chord arpeggios, and rhythmic patterns, the player will recognize all relationships and
intervals from string to string and throughout the fretboard. Seriously folks, in the field of bass education,
the methodology taught on this site is absolutely unprecedented and unparalleled. If you are serious in your
quest to master the behemoth commonly known as the 6 string bass, you owe it to yourself to bring your playing
to the next level and check out these lessons. Before you know it, you will be creating monster bass lines that
will make master bassists like Michael Manring, Flea and Les Claypool blush in unbridled amazement!