Concept                 1              The Pebber Brown Scaletone Form System                  

Concept                 2              The 4-sided triangle Tetrahedron concept                     


Concept                 3              4 Triangle Groups                               


Concept                 4              SKILLMAPS                       

Concept                                 4A           Technique            

Concept                                 4B           Timing  

Concept                                 4C           Musicianship       


Concept                 5              STRINGMAPS                    

Concept                                 5A           Stringpairs            

Concept                                 5B           Stringgroups         

Concept                                 5C           Stringsets              


Concept                 6              TONEMAPS                        

Concept                                 6A           Scales & Modes  

Concept                                 6B           Chords & Chordal Modes 

Concept                                 6C           Arpeggios & Extensions    


Concept                 7              IDEAMAPS                         

Concept                                 7A           Scale and Arpeggio Patterns and Sequences 

Concept                                 7B           Chordal Sequences and Progressions             

Concept                                 7C           Improvisation and Composition     


                             GUITAR BASICS 101                      

Basics    A.1          Naming the parts of the Guitar - Bridge, Nut, Neck, Pickups, Tuning Gears                           

Basics    A.2          How to hold the guitar, correct relaxed position of the arms, shoulders, elbows, neck                         

Basics    A.3          Music Alphabet,  names of the notes on each string                   

Basics    A.4          Several ways to tune your guitar                     

                                A.4.1      Tuning from Fingered notes on the 5th fret   

                                A.4.2      Tuning from Harmonics on the 5th and 7th frets        

                                A.4.3      Tuning from Octaves on the 7th fret              

Basics    A.5          Finger naming conventions                              

Basics    A.6          Basic Finger stretching exercises, Isometrics                 

Basics    A.7          Maintenance of the nails                  

Basics    A.8          Laws and Definitions of Basic musical note concepts                

                                A.8.1      Sound   

                                A.8.2      Tone      

                                A.8.3      Harmony             

                                A.8.4      Interval 

                                A.8.5      Chord    

Basics    A.9         Exploring Tones on the Guitar/Different Locations/Tone Controls/Pickups                          

Basics    A.10       Primary Basic Open Chords : C, G, D, A, E, F, A7,  E7, D7, G7 · Basic open BASS chords                 


Basics    B.1          How to Memorize Chords                

Basics    B.2          Basic Beginner Chord Forms                           

Basics    B.3          Basic chord progressions - A7, D7, E7 blues format, C-G-Cbasic songs                  

Basics    B.4          Basic Guitar Strumming / Bass Guitar Fingering techniques & exercises                

Basics    B.5          Secondary Basic Open Chords: Esus4, Asus4, Dsus4, Csus4, Ami, Dmi, Emi, Gmi, Cmi                    

Basics    B.6          Working with song books and recorded music - song selection and practice ideas and plans.                            

Basics    B.7          The Philosophy of Technique - What is Technique?                   



Lesson   1.01        TECHNIQUE: Classical, Flamenco and Electric Bass right hand techniques:                       

Lesson   1.02        TECHNIQUE: Preliminary finger coordination exercises:(T=thumb down, Tu=Thumb Up)                             

Lesson   1.10        Free Strokes using 2 fingers                              

Lesson   1.20        Free Strokes using 3 fingers                              

Lesson   1.30        Rest Strokes using 2 fingers:                             

Lesson   1.40        Rest Strokes using 3 fingers                              


Lesson   1.50        Right hand techniques using alternating thumb and fingers:                     


Lesson   2.00        Introduction to Picking Techniques                

Lesson   2.10        How to hold the pick                         

Lesson   2.20        Scalpel Picking  technique                


Lesson   2.30        Picking exercises on one string                         


Lesson   2.40        Picking exercises on Adjacent strings                             


Lesson   3.00        Alternate Picking on Non-Adjacent strings                    


Lesson   3.20        Introduction to Classical Guitar PIMA fingerpicking techniques                              


Lesson   3.30        P.I.M.A. Patterns & permutations                   


Lesson   3.50        Jazz & Modern style picking technique using pick and fingers (P-2-3-4)                

Lesson   3.60        P-2-3-4 picking patterns and permutations using pick and fingers                           


Lesson   4.00        Picking techniques using both downstrokes and upstrokes adding 2-3-4 fingers:                  


Lesson   4.40        The Technique of Directional Picking (Also called "speed", "economy" or "sweep" picking)                              

Lesson   4.50        Introduction to Sarod and Indian/Middle Eastern picking techniques                    


Lesson   4.80        Isometric Hand Exercises                   

Lesson                   4.91        Relax.   


Lesson   5.00        Left Hand Basics 101                       


Lesson   5.10        Left hand Strength and Coordination Technique Exercises                      

Lesson   5.20        The Spider Fingering Exercises: (12-34, 1-23-4, 1-2-3-4, 123-4, 12-34)                  


Lesson   5.50        Two finger ladder exercises (2 note patterns)                


Lesson   6.00        3 Finger ladder exercises (3 note patterns)                     


Lesson   7.00        Left Hand Trill Exercises - The most important basic patterns of Virtuoso Technique:                      

Lesson   7.10        Two finger Left Hand Trill patterns:                               


Lesson   7.20        Three finger trill patterns:                  


Lesson   7.30        Four finger trill movement patterns:                               


Lesson   7.35        Four finger trill movement patterns using open strings:                              


Lesson   7.50        8 Ways to move on the fingerboard (movement pattern matrix)                             


Lesson   7.80        Finger Trill movement patterns                        


Lesson   8.00        What number permutations are and how they are used on the fingerboard:   


Lesson   8.10        PERMUTATIONS OF 2:                   


Lesson   8.20        PERMUTATIONS OF 3:                   


Lesson   8.30        PERMUTATIONS OF 4:                   


Lesson   8.60        Music of the Western Hemisphere:                 


Lesson   8.70        Pythagoras discoveries of string vibration and mathematical ratios:                     


Lesson   9.00        Fundamental Concepts of Music                    

Lesson   9.10        Basic Concepts of Written Music                    


Lesson   9.20        Sharps, Double Sharps, Flats, Naturals and Double Flats                           


Lesson   10.00      The Matrix of Ratios: Timing ratios in Music                               





Lesson   10.50      Basic Rhythmic Notation Concepts                               



Lesson   11.00      Explanation of the 12 tone system                 

Lesson   11.01      The 12-Tone System, Explanation of the chromatic "numberline"                         

Lesson   11.02      Calculating the distance between notes                         

Lesson   11.03      Basic intervals - Halfsteps, wholesteps and minor 3rds                              


Lesson   11.04      The Chromatic Scale                         


Lesson   11.07      The Wholetone Scale                         


Lesson   11.10      The Diminished Scale                        


Lesson   11.15                      Blank Neck Diagram Worksheets   

Lesson   11.16                      Basic Beginner Chord Forms           

Lesson   11.17                      Intermediate Chord Forms               

Lesson   11.18                      Basic Bar Chord Forms  

Lesson   11.19                      Advanced Bar Chord Forms          


Lesson   12.00      Scale Technique Building Exercises:                              

Lesson   12.10      Introduction to Virtuoso Guitar Technique                   


Lesson   12.20      Chromatic scale on each string (Work up to quarter note=72 to 120)                     


Lesson   12.80      Wholetone Scale Technique Exercises:                          


Lesson   13.30      Diminished Scale Technique Exercises:                         

Lesson 13:70       X - Pattern Exercises (alternate & directional picking / 1-2-3-4-5 notes per string)           



Lesson   14.00      Learning to play by ear (The Natural Way)                  

Lesson   14.10      The E minor Pentatonic scale                          


Lesson   15.00      The E Blues scale                               


Lesson   16.00      The A minor Pentatonic scale                          


Lesson   17.00      The A Blues scale                               


Lesson   18.00      The D minor Pentatonic scale                          


Lesson   19.00      The D Blues scale                               


Lesson   20.00      The G minor Pentatonic scale                          


Lesson   20.90      The G Blues scale                               


Lesson   22.00      The A  minor Pentatonic scale                         


Lesson   22.90      The A  Blues scale                              


Lesson   24.00      The F minor Pentatonic scale                           


Lesson   24.90      The F Blues scale                


Lesson   26.00      The Bb minor Pentatonic scale                        


Lesson   27.00      The Bb Blues scale                             


Lesson   28.00      The Eb minor Pentatonic scale                        


Lesson   29.00      The Eb Blues scale                             


Lesson   30.00      The A  (G#) minor Pentatonic scale                


Lesson   31.00      The A  (G#) Blues scale                     


Lesson   32.00      The Db (C#) minor Pentatonic scale                               


Lesson   33.00      The Db (C#) Blues scale                    


Lesson   34.00      The Gb (F#) (F#) minor Pentatonic scale                       


Lesson   35.00      The Gb (F#) (F#) Blues scale                            


Lesson   36.00      The B (Cb)  minor Pentatonic scale                


Lesson   37.00      The B (Cb)  Blues scale                     


Lesson   40.00      Introduction to Diatonic Scales                       

Lesson   40.10      The Major Scale Concept                 

Lesson   40.20      Tetrachord Concepts                         

Lesson   40.30      Major Scale construction exercise                  


Lesson   40.40      Key Signatures - 12 Keys                 

Lesson   40.50      The Circle of  4ths and 5ths                             


Lesson   40.70      How to memorize Key Signatures                  

Lesson   40.80      Key Signature Matrix Table and exercises                    


Lesson   40.90      Basic Scale tonalities  – (Major, Minor and Dominant)                             


Lesson   41.00      Common Major Tonalities:                             


Lesson   42.00      Common Minor Tonalities:                              


Lesson   43.00      Exotic Minor Tonalities:                   


Lesson   45.00      MAJOR SCALE KEY STUDIES:                    

Lesson   45.10      Introduction to scale position systems                           

Lesson   45.20      How scales are mapped out on the neck                       


Lesson   45.30      The 5 position (CAGED) System of Fingerboard Organization:                               


Lesson   46.10      Major and Minor Key Signatures                   

Lesson   46.20      Mixolydian Blues exercise                

Lesson   46.30      Stormy Monday Blues                      

Lesson   46.40      All Blues                               

Lesson   46.50      G Major Scale single string patterns                

Lesson   46.60      G Major Scale dual string patterns                  

Lesson   46.70      Basic scale sequences & patterns for improvisation                   

Lesson   46.80      Playing scales staccato                      

Lesson   46.90      Playing scales legato                          

Lesson   47.00      Playing scales piano legato                               


Lesson   48.00      Intervals & Fingerboard Geometry                 

Lesson   48.10      What Diatonic Intervals are                             


Lesson   52.00      The 7 Position (3 NPS) Scale System                              


Lesson  60.00      The Russ Tuttle 12-Position 60 Scale System                               


Lesson  70.00      The Pebber Brown 14 Position System                          


Lesson   80.00      The PB Scaletone Form System of Tonal and Fingerboard Mapping                     


Lesson   82.00      A  Major Scaletone Form System                   


Lesson   83.00      F Major Scaletone Form System                     


Lesson   84.00      Bb Major Scaletone Form System                  


Lesson   85.00      Eb Major Scaletone Form System                  


Lesson   86.00      A  (G#) Major Scaletone Form System                          


Lesson   87.00      Db (C#) Major Scaletone Form System                         


Lesson   88.00      Gb (F#) (F#) Major Scaletone Form System                 


Lesson   89.00      B  (Cb)   Major Scaletone Form System                        


Lesson   90.00      E Major Scaletone Form System                    


Lesson   91.00      A Major Scaletone Form System                    


Lesson   92.00      D Major Scaletone Form System                    


Lesson   93.00      Introduction to Traditional Chords                 


Lesson   95.00      Diatonic Three Part Chords - Group One                       


Lesson   96.00      Diatonic Four Part Chords - Group One:                         


Lesson 96.40      The Four Note Stringset System (16 Total 4-note Stringsets)     



Lesson   97.00      Major 7th Chord Forms:                   


Lesson   98.00      Major 6th Chord Forms:                   


Lesson   99.00      Four Part Chords - Group Two                         


Lesson   100.00   Introduction to Basic Chord Progressions:                    


Lesson   110.00   Four Part Chords - Group Three:                      


Lesson   120.00   Altered Major Chord Types                             


Lesson   127.00   Altered Dominant Chord Types                      


Lesson   131.00   Altered Minor Chord Types                              



Lesson   140.00   Introduction to Minor Scales                           


Lesson   150.00   C  Melodic Minor+4 (Lydian Diminished) Minor Scale                              


Lesson   157.00   F Melodic Minor+4 (Lydian Diminished) Minor Scale                                


Lesson   164.00   Bb Melodic Minor+4 (Lydian Diminished) Minor Scale                             


Lesson   171.00   Eb Melodic Minor+4 (Lydian Diminished) Minor Scale                             


Lesson   173.00   A  Melodic Minor+4 (Lydian Diminished) Minor Scale                              


Lesson   174.00   Db Melodic Minor+4 (Lydian Diminished) Minor Scale                             


Lesson   175.00   Gb (F#) Melodic Minor+4 (Lydian Diminished) Minor Scale                    


Lesson   176.00   B (Cb)   Melodic Minor+4 (Lydian Diminished) Minor Scale                    


Lesson   177.00   E Melodic Minor+4 (Lydian Diminished) Minor Scale                               


Lesson   178.00   A  Melodic Minor+4 (Lydian Diminished) Minor Scale                              


Lesson   179.00   D Melodic Minor+4 (Lydian Diminished) Minor Scale                               


Lesson   180.00   G  Melodic Minor+4 (Lydian Diminished) Minor Scale                              



Lesson   190.00   C  Harmonic Minor Scale                 


Lesson   191.00   F Harmonic Minor Scale                   


Lesson   192.00   Bb Harmonic Minor Scale                                


Lesson   193.00   Eb Harmonic Minor Scale                                


Lesson   194.00   A  Harmonic Minor Scale                 


Lesson   195.00   Db Harmonic Minor Scale                                


Lesson   196.00   Gb (F#) Harmonic Minor Scale                       


Lesson   197.00   B (Cb)   Harmonic Minor Scale                       


Lesson   198.00   E Harmonic Minor Scale                  


Lesson   199.00   A  Harmonic Minor Scale                 


Lesson   200.00   D Harmonic Minor Scale                  


Lesson   201.00   G  Harmonic Minor Scale                 



Lesson   202.00   C  Hungarian Minor Scale                                


Lesson   203.00   F Hungarian Minor Scale                  


Lesson   204.00   Bb Hungarian Minor Scale                               


Lesson   205.00   Eb Hungarian Minor Scale                               


Lesson   206.00   A  Hungarian Minor Scale                                


Lesson   207.00   Db Hungarian Minor Scale                               


Lesson   208.00   Gb (F#) Hungarian Minor Scale                      


Lesson   209.00   B (Cb)   Hungarian Minor Scale                      


Lesson   210.00   E Hungarian Minor Scale                 


Lesson   211.00   A  Hungarian Minor Scale                                


Lesson   212.00   D Hungarian Minor Scale                 


Lesson   213.00   G  Hungarian Minor Scale                                


Lesson   214.00   C  Melodic Minor+4 (Lydian Diminished) Minor Scale                              


Lesson   215.00   F Melodic Minor+4 (Lydian Diminished) Minor Scale                                


Lesson   216.00   Bb Melodic Minor+4 (Lydian Diminished) Minor Scale                             


Lesson   217.00   Eb Melodic Minor+4 (Lydian Diminished) Minor Scale                             


Lesson   218.00   A  Melodic Minor+4 (Lydian Diminished) Minor Scale                              


Lesson   219.00   Db Melodic Minor+4 (Lydian Diminished) Minor Scale                             


Lesson   220.00   Gb (F#) Melodic Minor+4 (Lydian Diminished) Minor Scale                    


Lesson   221.00   B (Cb)   Melodic Minor+4 (Lydian Diminished) Minor Scale                    


Lesson   222.00   E Melodic Minor+4 (Lydian Diminished) Minor Scale                               


Lesson   223.00   A  Melodic Minor+4 (Lydian Diminished) Minor Scale                              


Lesson   224.00   D Melodic Minor+4 (Lydian Diminished) Minor Scale                               


Lesson   225.00   G  Melodic Minor+4 (Lydian Diminished) Minor Scale                              


Lesson   226.00   Introduction to Symmetrical/Octatonic Scales                            


Lesson   227.00   Symmetric Scale pattern exercise #2: (mi3-h) (1-34)                  


Lesson   228.00   Symmetric Scale pattern exercise #3: (mi3-mi3) (1-2-4)                            


Lesson   229.00   Half-Step/Whole Step (Symmetric/Octatonic) Scales:                               


























Lesson   254.00   Minor Diatonic and Modal Four Part Chords                               

Lesson   260.00   Introduction to 5-Part Chords                          

Lesson   261.00   Common Ninth Chord Tonalities                    


Lesson   267.00   Altered 9th Chords                             


Lesson   280.00   5 NOTE STRINGSETS:                      


Lesson   281.00   PERMUTATIONS OF FIVE NUMBERS/NOTES:                        


Lesson   286.00   Major Diatonic  5-Part chord Scales                               

Lesson   287.00   Lydian Scale 5-Part Chord Scales                   

Lesson   288.00   Lydian Augmented 5-Part Chord Scales                       

Lesson   289.00   Lydian Flat 7 5-Part Chord Scales                  

Lesson   290.00   Melodic Minor 5-Part Chord Scales                

Lesson   291.00   Melodic Minor+4 (Lydian Diminished) Minor Triadic Diatonic 5-Part Chord Scales                           

Lesson   292.00   Harmonic Minor 5-Part Chord Scales                            

Lesson   293.00   Hungarian Minor 5 Part Chord Scale                             

Lesson   294.00   Romanian Minor 5-Part Chord Scales                           

Lesson   295.00   Auxiliary Augented 5 Part Chord Scales                        

Lesson   296.00   Auxiliary Diminished 5-Part Chord Scales                    

Lesson   297.00   Auxiliary Diminished Blues Chord Scales                     


Lesson   298.00   Altered Ninth Chords                         


Lesson   299.00   Altered Major Scales                         


Lesson   300.00   Chord Progression Concepts:                           


Lesson   310.00   Introduction to Chord Families                       


Lesson   400.00   Advanced Arpeggio Sequencing                      


Lesson   460.00   Adding Chromaticism to Arpeggio Sequencing                            

Lesson   470.00   Introduction to Mathematical Scale Sequencing                         


Lesson   570.00   The Advanced Pivoting/Pivot-Shifting concept for left hand technique                 


Lesson   600.00   Quadraphonic Fingering Pattern Permutations                             





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